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Thread: Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N Setup Questions

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    Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N Setup Questions

    I'm looking to setup the above mentioned router maybe tomorrow and have some questions about how I should attempt to set up my home network. I've set up wireless routers for friends before, but that was really, 'pop in the cd' stuff. I'm also fine with flashing firmware(my poor, poor modem) as this will come in to my questions.

    There's one desktop and one laptop, a 1.5 terabyte external HD used for all media and a printer attached to the desktop. I'd like to:
    • Give the laptop internet access (obviously )
    • give the laptop access to both the external and the printer.
    • Have the desktop wired to the router

    • Should I flash Tomato on to the router ?
    • Will tomato bring any major benefits over DD-WRT ?
    • Which would be easier to achieve what I want, Tomato or DD-WRT ?
    • What is my easiest route of implementation ?
    • Should I just 'pop in the cd' lol

    This stuff I know I can figure out, but I thought I'd ask for a helping hand here or a pointer in the right direction. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks...

    Edit: Basically, what I'm thinking is to setup an XP office network, share the printer and external, add the router to the network, then fool around till i get it. Also, desktop is WinXP Pro SP3, Laptop is win7 (Acer timeline E-350, what! )
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    From working with the basic Linksys and Netgear models the buffalo router with the Professional firmware has alot of nice features. Mine is running 3 Win7 computers 2 Blackberries using it for UMA calling, wireless printer and a Xbox360.
    A few routers I've tried could not handle this.

    With just those settings I can't see you having to do much setup on this router.

    Some day I might check out that other firmware if I ever have any issues with the current one.

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    True, DD-WRT is more straightforward than i thought. Serving the desktop, laptop, I-pad and netbook normally (forgot my sis was visiting)

    I've read that Tomato's QoS is better than DD-WRT's but, i'll judge that myself before considering a flash. Probably set up the network tomorrow. Want to test this thing with some torrents and media streaming

    When I'm done will post back here. thanks.
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