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Thread: 64bit gaming with XboxOne/PS4?

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    They will both have 64bit OS's to address the memory space (PAE would just be dumb at this point with the CPU having AMD64 architecture) and whether or not the applications are 64 or 32 bit isn't going to matter.

    As to recoding a 32bit app to a 64 bit one for a mere 1.5GB additional RAM with a possibly 3% performance penalty? Well that will just have to be up to the Dev.
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    AMD's secrecy about Radeon HD 6000 series should be given an award, I think.
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    Doesn't matter what the hardware can support if the OS, etc., doesn't support it also.

    But it sounds like at least Sony will have a 64-bit application environment.

    As to gains from re-coding, if you do just a simple recode to get an application to run in a 64-bit environment, yeah, you won't get much from it. You need to re-engineer your application to take advantage of the 64-bitness.

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    The 3/3.5 gig limit on 32bit is mainly a Windows problem. Wikipedia have their explanation.
    Well... no. Linux has the same problem.
    Windows Server operating systems can handle PAE quite fine, at least back to Windows 2000 Server (Datacenter up to 32GB - with a 32bit OS!). PAE is just disabled in consumer OSes from Microsoft, which has licensing reasons and technical ones (IIRC microsoft couldn't guarantee that all existing drivers for consumer hardware would support PAE so they disabled it, but servers should use specially supported hardware anyway).
    So from a hardware point 32bit Microsoft OSes have supported more than 4GB for a long time, and that's what the /PAE switch on booting windows is for (or a PAE-kernel in linux)

    Quite different is the problem that each process can only "see" 4GB virtual memory in 32bit, and that both windows and linux map certain kernel functions etc in this address space (so that the programs can access them). Windows then claims the top 2GB for itself, but can be convinced to see reason and give 3GB to applications (that's what the /3GB siwtch on boot is for). On the other hand I once had an nvidia card that overheated (well, I *did* say nvidia :-)) when using the /3GB switch - the fan speed control program didn't start with /3GB, and the fan on was at "off" if not told otherwise by the driver...

    So, as I said, it's *not* a windows (only) problem.

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