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Thread: gcn 1.0/1.1 differences

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    gcn 1.0/1.1 differences

    Does anybody know what the difference betweeen gcn 1.0 and gcn 1.1? I tried scouring the web, but could not find anything.

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    If you mean the graphics IP in Bonaire, it was said to have the following new features as compared to Southern Islands:

    1. New Compute Unit instructions, including FLAT instructions for HSA memory model compliance
    2. Full Address Translation Cache implementation, which allows both data and code to/from CUs to be addressed directly with the process address space (no pinning restriction), apart from the GPU's own virtual address spaces. This has to be backed by PCIe ATS 1.1, which is implemented by AMD in IOMMUv2.
    3. Ability to access the coherent, system address space directly. In earlier architectures, that space can only be accessed after the particular region needed is mapped into GPU's virtual address space and with no coherency guarantees.

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    I wouldn't say Anandtech is the home of stellar reviews anymore, but they do generally explain stuff pretty well.

    Here is why they are calling Bonaire GCN 1.1:

    It should also be noted that GCN 1.1 is not a term that AMD uses. I also don't believe they have said the original GCN cards are "GCN 1.0" it is entirely possible (not probably) that the original GCN card are GCN .9 and that Bonaire is GCN 1.0

    Probably not, but who knows.


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    Well, if you are into the ISA documentation, AMD is making the Sea Islands ISA document public again:

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    I just remember them adding more queues and allows the cu to compute more threads at the same time or something. Mostly GPGPU stuff that doesn't seem to effect much for gaming but does boost some opencl benchmarks.

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    don?t forget quad ACE (Asynchronous Compute Engines)

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