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Thread: VIA/S3 join HSA / license tensilica Audio DSPs

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    VIA/S3 join HSA / license tensilica Audio DSPs

    News in German here:
    VIA auf AMDs Spuren: HSA+Tensilica Audio DSPs | Planet 3DNow!.

    The Audio DSPs are probably the same as for AMD's Trueaudio...


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    They would need to do so, they have a good footing on embedded AFAIK and HSA could change embedded very shortly.

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    I am amazed what their little design team managed on the CPU side. But can they really handle an HSA design? I thought they were seriously behind on the GFX side, let alone having the bandwidth to do an APU.

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    It doesn't have to be high performance to be compliant ...

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    throw oracle on this list as well.

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    Charlie dropped the hint earlier about Microsoft or Apple being involved - wonder if that has changed.

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