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Thread: The Integrated Voltage Regulators

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoot View Post

    Doubtful I'd say. A buck converter needs discrete inductors/chokes or whatever you want to call them. They can't be integrated on-die so they'd need to be either external to the package or on the package itself (both would be external to the die either way). I couldn't see them sticking it on the package tbh.
    The higher the switching frequency the smaller the inductances and capacitors, Haswell integrated regulator has 200-300mhz switching frequency, that is about 5000 time the ATX PSUs switching frequencies wich are generaly 30-100KHz , size reduction of said components is reduced accordingly or so.

    That said Haswell supply scheme, and i pointed it even before it was released, is not efficient at all, much worse than the traditional way.

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    From ISSCC 2014 discussions.
    Intel demonstrates fully-integrated buck voltage regulators on the Haswell. IBM uses many integrated micro-linear regulators on die in the POWER8?.
    Some extra;
    Adaptive clocking is used in IBM?s POWER8?, and in AMD?s Steamroller chips to reduce the impact of process-voltage-temperature (PVT) variation on energy efficiency and performance. Resonant clocking that also supports dynamic voltage-frequency scaling (DVFS) is used in both of the chips to reduce clock-grid power.

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