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Full HD is very blurry and not clear picture at all if you look at a 50" 4K TV, like mine. Your eyes work perfectly fine - put a big flower or tree next to your Full HD screen and simultaneously look at both - the flower / tree will look natural, while the TV screen will lack this natural feeling.

Going to 4K at 50" dramatically improves and makes the picture much more natural.

These lower resolution screens LIE your eyes and you are confused.
16K resolution would lose in that comparison, let alone 4K, because the TV picture doesn't offer good (or in this case any) stereoscopic 3d effect, not to mention limited contrast ratio, depth of field effects, etc.

Edit: While I've seen 4K TVs in person to get an idea of how good they look I've referenced the chart at this link when considering how big the TV I need for ~10' distance to see a decent benefit.