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Thread: CPU stressing site

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    CPU stressing site

    It's linked in my signature, it uses JavaScript to mine Monero it's quite efficient at it. It can be used to thermally stress your CPU, as a quick benchmark, to load your UPS, to play a joke on a coworker, or just to heat your hands in the winter or your wet smartphone. No ads no executables, just go to It could be more heavy actually, if it also loaded the GPU, but that is a bit trickier.
    I'm fiddling with the apis to have some stata shown.

    I just wanted to hear your thoughts and suggestions
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    Could be a nice little JS benchmark.

    Let us know how rich you get off it

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    If it goes viral, I'll change my name in KIM DOTCOIN II and will pay S|A webserver for ever. Promise.
    Most CPU-hungry website in the world -

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    Good PSU/VGA/CPU endurance test!


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    apparently The Pirate Bay started doing this on some of their search/category pages recently, is this where you got the idea?

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    Yes, but we're doing this openly
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    Loaded all 24 threads up to 100%. 10/10, would mine again

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