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Thread: Another Touch screen technology...

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    Another Touch screen technology...

    ...This wouldn?t be possible on a normal TFT type display, as a TFT display is too rigid. It will be interesting to see how Touchco gets around this snag, as the IFSR screens aren?t transparent due to the way the technology works.
    Hmmm, How about using the screen as the display for a projected image - not unlike that crazy MS Surface thing. Might make for a simpler input than cameras.

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    Well, if you'd read the next line, you would've seen that they're working on a clear version of the technology, but there's no word on when it'll be ready.

    The problem with a projection is that you'd have to use front instead of rear projection for the time being, due to the opaque nature of the touch interface. Still, looking at the videos of what this touch technology has to offer, I really hope we'll see it in a lot of devices next year.

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    hmm, if the price per square meter comes down, i'm gonna cover my whole desk with it *lol* wanna see those pizza boxes on my screens

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