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Thread: Looks like FERMI may run a little hott under the hood.

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    Looks like FERMI may run a little hott under the hood.

    nVidia reccomended enclosures?

    Special ducting for FERMI based cards?

    EXTRA case cooling?

    Certified cases?

    WOW, looks like 8800GTX all over again.,9385.html,9384.html

    I typically do not like Tom's, but these short blurbs raise some eyebrows for me.

    TOTALLY blows the "leaked benchmarks" with 55c load temp out of the water.

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    Genius?!?! Now you have to buy an nVidia case just to run Fermi ? Way to squeeze more dollars from fanboys!

    Though no firm temperatures were revealed, manufacturers said that users need to be extra careful about how they setup the innards of their gaming chassis.
    With the warning to OEM builders about case layouts for Fermi, DIYers may run into unexpected difficulties and frustrations.

    A rep from one manufacturer said that Fermi-based cards will run hotter than the hottest ATI Radeon HD 5000 series.
    Does that mean the lowest level Fermi-based card is hotter than the 5970?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oettinger View Post

    WOW, looks like 8800GTX all over again.
    I'll have you know that its been subzero (F) where I live for nearly two weeks now (very atypical), and my 8800GTX + Folding@home has been keeping my room nice and warm.

    No, seriously.
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    subzero eh? well here it is currently 36.8C (98.29F) and the next few days will prolly top 42C (107.6F). Remind me not to get one of these so-called 8800GTX-mini-baconators..... at least till winter kicks in in 5 months

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    Consider this as a hint to the length of the final version of Fermi-based GeForce (gaming) card, other than that, it means nothing important actually.

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    I posted this a few days ago

    I hope they have it in the nvidia thermaltake case!

    Damn it must be huge and hot to require a special case just to run the card!
    No need for heat - fermi will heat the house (not to mention polar ice caps)

    I do realize it is just marketing.

    can it have ac? I guess that is liquid nitrogen!

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    Chill out SoundsOff. Nvidia will make great card from Fermi.

    OK it will be hugely overpriced, but they will make you think that its "incredible (great) price".

    They will make you buy one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Varga View Post
    Chill out SoundsOff. Nvidia will make great card from Fermi.

    OK it will be hugely overpriced, but they will make you think that its "incredible (great) price".

    They will make you buy one.
    Yeaa. But there is limits to the brand value of a gfx card. It is not corn flakes or coca cola.

    When you buy a card, you ask you uncle what to buy, he ask his best friend, and the best friend ask his uncle that work as a shop assistant. The shop assistant is a nerd that reads Tomshardware, and he owns a 5870 because he can read numbers him selves.

    2 years end of life, if NV doesnt give better objective value.

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    300W+ single gpu gives better than 5870 less than 5970

    Learn French using Fermi !!! -ha-ha 550mm roling on. What a show.

    L?ing?nieur responsable nous a par ailleurs donn? la consommation de Fermi : 300 watts ! Il s?agit l? de la limite autoris?e par la norme PCI-Express 2.0 et pour rappel, Fermi n?est dot? que d?un seul GPU ! Retard, consommation de 300 watts, chauffe importante, autant d??l?ments qui nous font dire que Fermi a beau ?tre un bijou technologique, il semble d?ores et d?j? mal n?. Il se susurre d?ailleurs que la plus puissante des Fermi ?galerait une Radeon HD 5870 mais pas la 5970. Pour aller au-del? de la 5870, il faudrait augmenter les fr?quences et? d?passer alors la limite des 300 watts. La vie de Fermi pourrait d?s lors ?tre courte et la nouvelle g?n?ration arriverait nettement plus vite? A confirmer dans les mois ? venir.

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    I had to translate that via Google and what I got out of it was that <yet another NV engineer> (honest to goodness it was, guv'nor!) has said that the single GPU uses already 300W, barely outperforms a 5870 and to even start to reach a 5970 would mean increases in clocks putting it way outside the PCIEv2 power limits.

    Is that about it?

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