AMD Announces Launch Date of 2nd Gen APUs

One Chip. Endless Announcements.

AMD logoIn an e-mail to subscribers of AMD’s channel news letter last Friday, AMD announced that it’s 2nd generation APUs will be launching on October 2nd. To quote the news letter verbatim, “October 2nd marks an exciting new chapter in modern processing history!”

AMD also urges readers to be the first to order on October 2nd, before delving into the specific advantages of Trinity. Touting more cores, higher clock speeds, and improved overclocking; AMD tells readers to, “Break the 1GHz barrier on the GPU!”

Two more interesting tidbits appeared in the news letter, “…platform longevity with FM2 motherboards for future upgrades” and, “AMD Memory Profile Support for automatic performance.” You can read into these statements as far as you’d like, but it appears that AMD is planning on keeping its FM2 socket around for a bit longer than FM1 lasted. Additionally, AMD may finally be rolling out it’s own version of Intel’s XMP predefined RAM overclocking profiles next month.

Whatever actually ends up happening, you can be sure that S|A will be there to cover it.S|A

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