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AMD’s Q3 2016 Sets the Stage for Zen

AMD’s third quarter results define the single most important quarter in the next two years…

AMD’s Q3 results on the outside appear to be another barely profitable quarter. But what the raw number are concealing are the significant changes to the company’s finances that occurred this quarter.
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Qualcomm Snapdragon logo

You can now buy bare Snapdragon SoCs with 410E and 600E

Technically embedded parts but they are for sale to anyone now

Qualcomm is finally putting bare Snapdragon SoCs on sale with their new 410E and 600E. This may seem like a minor step but the big change is on the support side. You may not have noticed but you can’t really …
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ARM logo

ARM adds CMN-600 interconnect and DMC-620 memory controllers

Together they make a backplane, not a 5-colored giant robot

ARM is adding the new CMN-600 and DMC-620 to get a first for them, a backplane. SemiAccurate thinks this new interconnect and memory controller add up to a real sea change for the ARM world. Fool us once, shame on …
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