AMD Corporate Fellow Sam Naffziger Elected IEEE Fellow

An award for engineers…

AMD - logoThe IEEE has elected AMD Corporate Fellow Sam Naffziger as a 2014 IEEE fellow, “for leadership in the development of power management and low power processor technologies.” In the realm of electrical engineering grads this is basically a lifetime achievement award for a man who was most notably poached from Intel’s Itanium design team by AMD back in 2006. AMD’s design teams and engineers have done a lot of cutting edge power management work since the introduction of the company’s Bobcat CPU core architecture back in late 2010. For more specifics on the type of work he’s been doing take a look at this presentation he gave just after he moved to AMD.

Sam’s elevation to an IEEE fellow is no doubt a validation of his efforts in advancing low power processor design.  Congratulations to Mr. Naffziger and to AMD.S|A

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