First pictures of Gigabyte’s M1125 convertible notebook

Launches in August

ALTHOUGH COMPUTEX DOESNT start officially until tomorrow, we ran past Gigabyte’s booth to get some more details on the convertible M1125 notebook. It will launch with Core i5 UM processors, although we don’t know which CPU model it’ll have, as the M1125 isn’t set to launch until August

We thought we’d bring you some quick pictures of it as we already brought you most of the details. Sadly the units on display weren’t functional and we were also told that the docking station wasn’t ready yet.

The good news is that it has a pair of USB 3.0 ports and it also has an HDMI connector which we couldn’t see on the picture that came with the press release. The battery is also not too obtrusive, despite produtruding slightly at the rear.

We can’t say too much about build quality, but the sample unit that we had a quick look at look very well built and Gigabyte might be offering additional colours. We’ll be bringing you more news from Gigabyte later this week from Gigabyte’s press conference.S|A

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