HTC rumoured to be working on Tegra 2 tablet

Should be running Android 3.0

RUMOURS ARE SUGGESTING that HTC is readying its first Android tablet and it’s said to be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 SoC which features an ARM Cortex-A9 dual core processor. This would indeed be a major design win for Nvidia, especially as it seems like the company is struggling to find partners that are willing to take on its Tegra 2 SoC.

Digitimes is reporting that the new tablet should have a multi-touch display with 1280×720 resolution – which in itself gives away Android 3.0 support – as well as a 32GB SSD, 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS. It’s not clear how large the screen will be, nor if there will be any kind of 3G/4G data or any kind of telephony features.

According to the story, HTC’s tablet should retail for around NT$25,000 or $788 in real money which makes it more expensive than Apple’s 32GB iPad with 3G. As much as HTC has become a premium smartphone brand, this one will be a tough one to pull off, especially considering that the only tablet that’s really selling at a price point above $150 in any kind of quantity is the iPad. The HTC tablet is at least said to have support for the Android Market which is good news, as many of the current tablets lack app market support.

Supposedly the tablet will be manufactured by Pegatron and it’s the company’s first order from HTC which is something of a win for Pegatron. The downside is that Apple is also using Pegatron for some of its production and this might end up costing Pegatron as Apple might take its business elsewhere. It’s all about keeping your competition out of your contracts after all, as you wouldn’t want them to be able to pressure the contractors for information about your upcoming products.S|A

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