Acer leaks a pair of Mobile Radeon HD 6000 models

Entry level models coming very soon?

WE CAN’T BE far now from AMD’s introduction of the mobile Radeon HD 6000-series with yesterday’s leak of the new Alienware model with the high-end GPU’s, we found two more models leaked by Acer. The Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820 is set to receive an upgrade in the shape of two new graphics options from AMD’s entry level mobile Radeon HD 6000-series, at least judging by a new graphics driver and BIOS that can be found on Acer’s support site.

Currently the TimelineX 3820 ships with either a Mobility Radeon HD 5470, or a 5650, both of which are fairly entry level models from AMD. The new drivers and BIOS are suggesting that we’ll be seeing models with either an AMD Radeon HD 6370M or an AMD Radeon HD 6550M. Judging by this, if the model names are indeed correct, then AMD has decided to drop the Mobility moniker in front of its mobile GPU’s model name and simply slapped an M to the end of the model name, somewhat of an improvement in our opinion.

Interestingly the Radeon HD 6370M suggests that the Zacate APU’s will have similar performance graphics as this new entry level discrete card as the graphics part of AMD’s upcoming APU carried the Radeon HD 6310 name. This would suggest that the 6370M will still be stuck with 80 shaders, the same as the current 5400-series and of course the 6310 found in the Zacate APU’s.

As for the 6550M, we’d presume it’ll replace the 5650 and should as such end up with somewhere around 400 shaders. AMD might consider more basic discrete options as well, although we can’t imagine that this is very likely considering that anything below the 6370M is unlikely to offer any performance advantage over the next generation of integrated graphics.S|A

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