Even more GCN-based FirePro model numbers shows up

Covers all members of the Southern Islands GPU family

AMD FirePro Logo AMD just gave a sneak peek for their top-end GCN-based FirePro professional graphics cards on the closing keynote of their AFDS 2012 event. So the specifications would be 4 TFLOPS of single-precision floating-point operations, 1 TFLOPS for double-precision, six mini DisplayPort 1.2 ports (just like the little brother, FirePro W600), 6 GB GDDR5 on a 384-bit memory bus, the final product should ship with a dual-slot active fansink with vapor chamber, while the one shown on stage has a three fan cooler configuration.

AMD FirePro W600 professional graphics

First of the breed: FirePro W600, the big brother, the FirePro W9000 will also have six mini DisplayPort 1.2

With a little bit of digging with the press releases, more interesting bits come up. Basically the HMPP compiler from Caps Enterprise is now supporting AMD GCN architecture and APUs. The press release also mentioned two more model numbers, FirePro W8000 and FirePro S8000, respectively. Nothing is known about these two cards, and here to quote the performance claims on the GCN architecture directly from the press release: “With a few [compiler] directives, the performance of image-processing routines like Sobel Filter was increased by more than an order of magnitude (x40).”

Along with the FirePro W600, which was just launched a day ago, now you have something more to expect from AMD before SIGGRAPH 2012. S|A

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