AMD Moves AFDS13

From Washington to California…

AFDS12 LogoThrough a blog post on its website, AMD has revealed that it’s moving its yearly Developer Summit from Bellevue, Washington to San Jose, California. The date of the event has also been pushed back, from mid-June to November 11-14th. This comes after AMD held both the inaugural AFDS11 and last year’s AFDS12 in the same location in downtown Bellevue. AMD hasn’t given any reason for the change of date and location for its developer event, but judging by AMD’s publicly available road-map from CES the timing of the event would lineup nicely with the launch of their upcoming Kaveri APU.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Image Courtesy of Google Maps

As a Seattle native I’m a little hurt to see AMD move their developer conference out of the area, but I’m betting that AMD had a good reason to relocate the event. In any case, AMD is now accepting presentations proposals; so if you’ve got neat piece of APU accelerated software to show off, this would be the event to do it at.S|A