8-Core Becton gets put into a laptop

CES 2010 Ace makes wretched excess portable

Xeon LogoIF YOU ARE sick and tired of slogging along with your wimpy 4-core Nehalem laptop, Ace Computer has a solution for you, the 8-core Xeon 5500 (Beckton) based Ace Raptor 5 Server Workstation AC-Raptor55V. Yes, some insane company just put an Intel 8-core Becton server chip in a laptop, let’s hear it for wretched excess.

Becton laptop

Ace’s 8-core Becton Laptop

We don’t have any more info on this yet, but this company has what it claims is a Becton laptop. It may be about as sleek as a panel van, and battery life probably rates in multiple tens of minutes, but, um, it is one heck of an e-penis measuring stick.

Realistically, I can’t see anyone using this as a laptop, more as a portable workstation for presentations that are within reach of a power plug and require complex real time CAD tweaks. For anything else, you are much better off with a mobile Nehalem. That said, I want one.S|A

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