In Win has the classiest HDD case yet

CES 2010 Porcelain Na and other goodies

In Win LogoIN WIN HAD three really cool things on display at CES, some old, some new, but most had not gotten nearly the attention they deserved. The mix covered things from a USB extension cord and HDD protector to cases.

Ammo and O-Ring

O-Ring USB and HD protector

The O-Ring is a really neat design, it is a rubber ring that doubles as a 2.5″ HD protector and USB extension cable. You wrap the cable around an external 2.5″ HD, and it protects the corners if you drop it. There is a micro-USB connector on the inside of the ring, and a full USB on the other end. They retail for only $9.99, and look like a nice addition to cheap external HDD cases.

Next up is an external HDD case called the Ammo. It is ‘army green’ and looks like an M16 ammo clip. The metal case is claimed to protect against a 200M drop, but that doesn’t seem all that realistic. Then again, given the weight and aerodynamics of the thing, it may very well reach terminal velocity before 200M meaning it doesn’t matter how much higher you drop it from, it will still take the same shock.

The Ammo is waterproof and has an RFID tag in a necklace that looks like a dogtag. Ammo will not send data without the RFID tag reading the correct code, so your data is safe should someone steal it, even if they spill coke on it before you get it back. If the thief lives on the 21st floor of a building, don’t have the SWAT team startle him when they storm his apartment to get the drive back. Floors 20 and below, you are OK. It retails for $34.99

Last up, we have the Na, an external 3.5″ HDD case. In Win describes the Na as, “Combining a warm design aesthetic and a touch of Chinese culture, Na brings users an elegance not seen before in external hard drive enclosures.” Normally I would say something snide, but I think they are right, it is probably the classiest HDD case I have seen yet.

In Win Na

NA is made of porcelain

What makes it special is that the Na is made of porcelain, real porcelain, not a plastic look alike. You take the top off like you would fine china, and it feels like china should. On the inside, there are anti-vibration mounts for the drive, a power switch, and USB2, eSATA and power ports. It is also actively cooled with a 60mm fan.S|A

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