Fermi is set to launch on the 26th of March

At PAX East 2010

NVIDIA HAS REVEALED when it will unveil “The world’s fastest PC graphics gaming technology” and it’s all going to happen on the 26th of March 2010 from 6 to 7PM at PAX East. Indeed, Nvidia is launching Fermi, sorry, the GTX480 and GTX470 at a glorified LAN party in Boston.

If you hurry up and pre-register it’ll let you in for $50 and you’ll be allowed to attend the three day LAN party as well, although if you turn up late, that price goes up to $55. The good news is that press gets in free, so at least Nvidia will be able to smuggle in a few hacks without having to spend money on tickets for them, then again, a single day ticket for the Friday is $30.

There isn’t much in terms of details as to what Nvidia is going to show and we’re sure it will try to keep it under wraps for as long as possible. Seating is apparently limited though and Nvidia claims that “If you’re even vaguely a fan of PC games and miss this special event, you’ll likely be spending the next few months kicking yourself,” although we’re not sure if this really is the case.

If you miss the launch event, then Nvidia will also be having a booth at PAX where it’ll let you have a play with its new toys and “you may even be able to buy one before anyone else,” which makes us wonder if Nvidia will actually have any stock of the new cards at all, as it doesn’t even seem to know if it does. There will of course be some gaming demos with 3D glasses, a preview of “the coolest new PCs and gadgets, including the revolutionary Tegra-powered mobile devices,” and even some gaming competitions.

Well, we can’t wait to see what Nvidia has cooked up, but we’re also highly disappointed that Nvidia decided not to launch its new cards at CeBIT which kicks off next week. Not only does this make the big trade shows feel less and less important for media to attend, but it’s also going to make CeBIT a really boring affair for Nvidia’s partners, who won’t be allowed to show off their GTX480 and GTX470 cards.S|A

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