Monster announces universal 3D shutter glasses

Works with all 3D HDTVs

Monster cable logo3D GLASSES AND 3D TVs have proven to be something of a problem when it comes to interoperability, but now it appears that a solution is on the horizon thanks to Monster Cable. Its new Monster Vision Max 3D glasses are mean to be a universal solution that works with any and all 3D TVs that rely on LCD shutter glasses, but is it really that simple?

The glasses are based on Bit Cauldron’s technology which we reported back at CES. You’re still required to use a transmitter, but the clever thing here is that the Monster solution “hijacks” the infrared signal. The signal is then sent from the transmitter to the glasses using ZigBee which means that you don’t need to have the transmitter in line of sight of the glasses. Monster claims that you can easily upgrade the transmitter with new IR codes with different solutions from the TV manufacturers.

We’re still not convinced that 3D glasses will take off in the home in the same way as the TV manufacturers are hoping and considering that the starter kit from Monster – which includes a pair of glasses and the transmitter – will set you back $249.95 when it launches in September, we can’t see a lot of people rushing out to buy it. Additional glasses are priced at $169.95 a pair, so for a family of four you’d end up splashing out no less than $759.80 to get up and running, that’s more than many flat screen TVs cost.

In related news, Nvidia is currently running a summer promo on its 3D Vision starter kit where you get a $25 discount through selected retailers until the 3rd of August. Even with the discount you’re looking at $174.00, although at the moment you also get a free copy of the Avatar computer game thrown in. It’s a better, if somewhat more limited deal than Monster’s new glasses.S|A

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