Nvidia announces x86 chip

We told you so…

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NVIDIA ANNOUNCED AN x86 CPU, you know, those things that don’t matter, yesterday at a Morgan Stanley conference. We told you so.

The pronouncement is at the end of the talk, you can hear it here. If anyone has a transcript, please post a link in the comments, we couldn’t find one.

We wonder what the fanbois will say now? Who really cares, the important thing is what the Intel legal team will say when they get off the emergency 3am conference call they will be on in 3…… 2…… 1……

Given Nvidia’s track record of compute correctness of late, I wouldn’t want one of these to run my toaster much less a PC. That said, there is no truth to the rumor that they have the random number generator on it already up and running, unfortunately it is in the multiplier block. That is completely false, we are hearing it is triggered on divides, but can’t 100% confirm that.

In any case, the real question is whether or not Nvidia will survive long enough for this to see the light. We have our doubts. Given that it was anounced at an investor conference, it is likely a shallow attempt to prop up the stock. That just might work, until Intel decides to sick the flying monkeys, err, legal happy people on them.

Whatever the end result, years of hilarity is sure to ensue. We would say we told you, but we did, from long before day one. (see here and here )S|A

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