DisplayLink gets into portable monitors

Partners with Mobile Monitor Technologies

DISPLAYLINK IS AN interesting company and although we’re still waiting on its USB 3.0 enabled adapters, the company has in co-operation with Mobile Monitor Technologies or MMT for short, come up with what it calls a portable monitor. Now any old monitor is portable, but the Monitor2Go from MMT looks more like a notebook than a monitor.

The Monitor2Go features a built in DisplayLink USB 2.0 adapter and plugs into your notebook or desktops USB 2.0 port rather than a more traditional display interface and it also features a built in USB 2.0 hub that gives you an extra two ports. The design of the Monitor2Go makes it look like a notebook when closed and it features a 15.4-inch notebook size display, although we’re somewhat disappointed by the fact that the display only has 1280×800 resolution.

There are a couple of different ways you can stand the Monitor2Go, either in the same fashion as a notebook, or it can be swivelled around and a rear stand can be folded out to have it standing up and thus take up less space. At 1.81kg (4lb) the Monitor2Go isn’t something you’ll just slip in to your notebook bag without thinking about it, but thanks to its design, it’s easier to take with you than a traditional display. It still requires a power adaptor though, as a USB 2.0 port can’t deliver enough power to drive the display.

The Monitor2Go works with both PCs and Macs and it’s also possible to daisy-chain several monitors if need be. MMT will start shipping the Monitor2Go later this quarter and it’s expected to retail for $279. MMT also offers a version with a built in numerical keypad, although we don’t know what the price is for that model.S|A


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