Powercolor HD6790 pops up early at etailers

Screenshots show the goodies

AMD logoThe second week of spring brings with it new GPUs, and this second week of spring is no exception, the AMD HD6790 just popped up on Newegg. It is exactly what the rumors said it would be, a cut down Barts/HD6800, and that is not a bad thing.

Powercolor 6790 screenshot

Up early, down early, the Powercolor 6790

Thanks to sharp-eyed SemiAccurate reader David, we have a screenshot of the Powercolor Radeon HD6790 to share with you. The posting has been pulled from Newegg, it isn’t set to launch for another two days, but the specs match what is rumored, 800 shaders, 840MHz, and 4.2GHz memory. As you can see, the price for the Powercolor version is $149. right on top of the Nvidia GTX550Ti, a card that it should easily thrash.S|A

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