LSI samples three SAS12 chips

Move aside SATA, you are too slow

LSI logoIf 6Gbps SAS isn’t fast enough for your storage needs, LSI (NYSE:LSI) is coming to the rescue with SAS 12Gbps silicon. The company just announced that they are sampling not one, but three high end silicon SAS12 parts now.

LSI has been way ahead of everyone lately, delivering SAS6 goodies with their new 2nd gen silicon for months now, and it is fast. Not satisfied with ‘only’ 6Gbps, they are already sampling the next round, SAS12. Just when you thought SATA was catching up, SAS jumps ahead.

To be fair, LSI is only sampling the controller, expander, and ROC (Raid On Chip) parts, you won’t be able to buy devices until next summer, but this is still a huge step forward. From here, device makers start, err, making devices, and then you go to plugfests, and if all goes well, products come out. Since the first plugfest is set for next summer, you are looking at a 2H/12 or early 2013 release date.

In case you can’t guess the technical details, SAS12 runs at 12Gbps, twice the speed of SAS6. With the shipment of controllers, expanders, and ROCs, you can make a pretty complete infrastructure out of the available parts. SAS12 is off to a pretty quick start, and faster storage is never a bad thing.S|A

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