What comes after Knights Landing?

From Larrabee to Sky Lake, just like we said

Intel - logoWhat comes after Intel’s Knights Corner in the Larrabee, I mean MIC, line? If you were snide, you would say Larrabee 4 comes after Larrabee 3, but luckily, Intel posted the new names for us.

The short story is that Larrabee 1 was called Larrabee. Larrabee 2 was stillborn, and Larrabee 3 was such a roaring success that the Larrabee name was banished from the Intel lexicon. As of now, Larrabee is called Knights Ferry, Larrabee 3 is now Knights Corner, and Larrabee 4 is called Knights Landing. Larrabee 5 is now Knights Hill. Bet you didn’t know that one.

If you mention Larrabee at Intel however, we hear the punishment for the first offense is to be given the full marketing speech about the benefits of Core iSomethingmeaningless, and why upgrades are good for the buyer. Most prefer suicide to a full marketing speech, and we quite frankly don’t blame them. There is no punishment for a second offense, those who do it once are rarely capable of speaking words as complex as Larrabee, so they end up in marketing giving speeches to other offenders.

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To use Intel’s own words

What comes after that? Most people laughed when we said that Sky Lake, the successor to Broadwell, would have Larrabee as a GPU. While we still don’t fully believe that it will happen, according to Intel’s web page, the person designing Knight’s Ferry, Corner, Landing, and Hill was also responsible for the Sky Lake (and beyond!) graphics. This is unlikely to be a coincidence.

So, over a year later, we were proven right about the lineage of Sky Lake’s GPU. Time to go buy a mole a new set of rubber booties, Intel waters their lawns enough to make his little toes muddy far too often. We told you that Larrabee as a GPU wasn’t dead, but would you listen? Noooo…….S|A

Note: A word to the witchhunters, good luck finding this one. :)

Note 2: Thanks to RH for the tip on this one.

Note 3: See Note 1.

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