Plextor puts out the high end M5 Pro SSD

Not much more we can say really

Plextor LogoPlextor released its new high end SSD, the M5 Pro, successor to the M5S. This drive uses a Marvel Monet 88SS9187 controller, and other than that, we can’t say too much.

SemiAccurate asked Plextor for more technical details, but sadly, no more information was given before the embargo lifted. With that, all we can really say is that Plextor claims the M5 Pro has 540/450MBps R/W speeds, and does 94K/86K R/W IOPS, solidly mid pack. It will come in 128, 256, and 512GB capacities later this month, and Plextor has no pricing info yet.

Plextor M5 Pro SSD

It is a pretty drive

The M5 Pro is said to be aimed at professional markets, but, well, we are not sure how. Plextor claims burn in tests, double encryption, plus what looks like marketing speak for ECC. All of these things are what we consider basic requirements for any modern SSD, so we can’t really say how ‘Pro’ this one is, or the type, geometry, and layout of the flash used. On the up side, we can say the warranty is now five years, rather generous for the SSD world.S|A

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