Kingston has a SATA based USB SSD

IDF 2012: And a few capacitor backed SSDs for good measure

Kingston LogoKingston had two worthy goodies at IDF, a USB stick and an SSD. Actually, the stick is an SSD too, so if you were to call them two SSDs, technically it would be correct.

The first one up is the Datatraveler Workspace, the first certified Windows To Go device. The idea is that you take a full blown SSD with SSD grade flash, and put a USB to SATA converter on the tip. Then cram it in to a case that looks like a slightly bulbous USB flash drive, and you are done. In the end, it just works, and is notably faster than most of the USB sticks out there while supporting most SATA features. The best part? You don’t actually have to use Windows on it, so it is real-world useful.

Kingston Datatraveler Workspace

Fast USB drives just got faster

The next one up is even easier to explain, the Datatraveler E100 series. Remember the Sandforce article where we were talking about SSDs with capacitors to back them up? Guess what the E100 line does? Yup, Sandforce plus capacitors for backup protection. The drive itself looks just like the normal Kingston line with the V or KC replaced with an E. If you want this type of backup, now you know where to get it.S|A

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