Confused about XBox Next and PS4 code names?

Here is a little guide to clear some of it up

There has been a lot of confusion over the names of the next generation consoles, tentatively XBox Next and PS4. In the hopes of lessening some of this confusion, we present the SemiAccurate guide to the next generation console names.

First up is the XBox Next, and that project name is Kryptos, Oban is the name of the developer test system chip. As we exclusively brought you news of the tape out, and later production. Last we heard, Oban was still scheduled for mass production wafers before the end of 2012, but the problems we outlined could delay that.

The name of the PS4 project is Thebes. As you might have guessed, other than it being an AMD CPU and GPU, we don’t have much more specific details. It is said to be a 28nm part, likely fabbed at Global Foundries or IBM for the first run, and out after Oban. That would most likely be the spring of 2014, but it could be fall of that year too.S|A

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