SD Association comes out with 30MBps Speed Class 3

Not a big deal, just an incremental advance

SD cardThe SD card association just announced a new spec called UHS Speed Class 3 for SDHC and SDXC cards. This new spec defines a minimum transfer rate of 30MBps and is aimed at 4K video streams.

In short UHS-I defines an interface speed that maxes out at 104MBps and UHS-II raises that to 312MBps but that is just the reader to card rates. UHS-x says nothing about what the flash itself can supply, that is for the Speed Class addendum. The U with a number in it is the Speed Class(SC), the numeral below it signifies the UHS version.

SDXC card with Speed Class 3 markings

Stunning visuals are not part of the SD spec

So the new bit today is Speed Class 3 devices that specify a minimum transfer speed of 30MBps or 240Mbps, not a bad number really. Both UHS-I and UHS-II have SC3 defined, as do SDHC and SDXC formats. Both are a good thing, the only problem that remains is the SC Association still forcing royalty bearing Microsoft BS patents on us. The more things change…S|A

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