Analysis: Intel’s Quark SoC details paint a clearer picture

Analysis: What looked bad now appears untenable

Intel - logoIntel’s Quark CPU is a product that can not stand on its own without internal subsidies and bundling but that doesn’t stop the company from talking it up. A bunch of new information has surfaced about the line and its variants which cemented SemiAccurate’s opinion that the product line can not succeed.

Since the ‘technical’ presentations Intel gave SemiAccurate were anything but we decided to ask around about what Intel was telling prospective customers. It was clear that the company was hiding something but would that something turn around our opinion about it from something that, “makes no sense” and has, “no up side“? When we hunted down the details our opinion did indeed change, just not for the better. What did become quite clear is the way that Intel plans to muddy the financials to placate the analysts on this folly in silicon.

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