SemiAccurate was right about Apple’s foundry plans

Rant: Time to thumb our noses at the naysayers a bit.

Apple Inc.It looks like Global Foundries and Samsung are syncing their process tech at 14nm just like SemiAccurate said a year ago. Lets see how the naysayers backpedal on the most important bit of the story they dismissed, the main customer.

When SemiAccurate first broke the news about the fab sync that is happening on 14nm last August, the majority of the Internet news sites went out of their way to “prove” us wrong. They did the same for the first part of the story too, the main customer for this 14nm synced process. Everyone seemed to be regurgitating each third-rate rumor coming out of a message board somewhere as absolute truth, then these “journalists” went about finding “analysts” to back them up. Needless to say they eventually found someone to corroborate their “accurate findings”.

To date there has been only one site that correctly called the Apple move to TSMC at 20nm, and we did so almost three years ago. Everyone else had stories that changed more often than a modern presidential hopeful talking to groups of rich backers, if you write-up every possibility you will be correct eventually. Same with 14nm, we were the first to tell you about the discussions Apple was having and the state they were in. When the talks didn’t pan out, only SemiAccurate told you where Apple ended up and why things happened the way they did. Only SemiAccurate has real industry sources at this point, including those who don’t disclose funding sources or agendas.

With today’s announcement we have one of the two major puzzle pieces in place, Samsung and Global Foundries are syncing their fabs at the 14nm node because of customer second sourcing concerns. The only piece of last year’s tale that hasn’t been confirmed is the first customer but SemiAccurate has some really good leads on when this news will break and why. Stay tuned, it won’t be long now.S|A

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