Gelid now cools routers as well as AIW cases

Computex 2014: Cables, fans, and PCIe slots aplenty

Gelid LogoGelid was showing SemiAcccurate a few new coolers and one product that was only a concept last year. Nothing they did at Computex was groundbreaking but all of it was useful for a system builder or enthusiast.

Gelid PCIe slot cooler

Cool one hot GPU with two blue fans

The first thing I noticed at Gelid was the most prominent demo of the show, a PCIe slot cooler. This bright blue two fan cooler takes a full slot and uses the PCIe slot only for power. If you have a hot VGA card or two, a few of these coolers will come in handy. At Computex they were a little bit away from launch but you can buy them now for only $19 or so.

Gelid normal sized heatpipe cooler

New and not massive but with heatpipes

As far as normal coolers go, the new design was a three heatpipe cooler with a 9cm fan, that is 90mm for you non-metric speaking ‘Murricans. It has all the normal goodies, silent blades, intelligent PWM fan control, and all the rest. What is unusual is that this cooler is not overly massive and overkill for anything south of 600W, it is ‘just’ plenty good enough, quiet, and fairly inexpensive. Sounds about right for most builds.

Gelid 20 and 26mm slim fans

Small, smaller, and smallest coolers

The next three are not all new, just the one in the middle. On the ends are the ‘standard’ low-profile heatsinks that are good for 65W each. The one on the right is not just a bit more severe looking but it also supports AMD AM1 sockets. On the left we have a well-rounded, literally, and far less severe Intel cooler. Both are 1U aka 26mm in height. If you want smaller you need to go to the fan in the middle with its mere 20mm height. That would be .769U for you non-metric types or exactly enough for AIW cases. They are called the Slim Silence 26, Slim Silence AM1, and Slim Silence 20 if you want to look them up.

Gelid IcyCooler router fan

Gelid IcyCooler router cooler now for sale

If you recall the concept router cooler from Computex 2013 you will probably be quite familiar with the new IcyCooler. It is a USB powered router cooler and it does exactly that. If you think about how hot those little beasties get and how often they die for no discernible reason, a $12.99 IcyCooler seems like a very good investment. Better yet they are an actual product this year and on sale now. Buy several.

Last up is something we weren’t expecting from Gelid, Ethernet cables. Gelid makes high quality stuff, cables included, but not networking cables. This new line corrects that oversight by offering Cat7 Ethernet cables, they aren’t out yet but should be soon enough. If you are going to buy high-end everything for your PC, why not buy some nice cables too?S|A

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