OCZ has new TLC and enterprise drives

Computex 2015: Trion and Z-drives this time

OCZ LogoOCZ was showing off a pair of new SSDs at Computex, three if you count variants. SemiAccurate doesn’t think either will change the world but both are solid products for their respective markets.

The real question we had regarding OCZ was what would Toshiba do after they bought the company? Would they give it the resources it needs to flourish or be an overbearing parent and smother their new baby. It looks like Tosh is doing the right thing and giving OCZ access to the engineering and finances they need to do right.

Of the new products the first is the most pedestrian, a TLC flash drive called the Trion 100 series. We have to say good job on calling out TLC flash in the product name so consumers can buy based on memory type if they want. The last thing you want is to mistakenly put a TLC drive in a device with heavy writes, the Trion name will probably avoid user mistakes like that.

Other than that Trion uses Toshiba A19 TLC flash, has a three-year warranty, and should be pretty cheap. Performance is listed as up to 550MBps and 91,000 IOPS so good enough and far better than rotating media. It will come in 120, 240, 480, and 960GB sizes, can you say large swathes of overprovisioning? This is a good thing with TLC, a really good thing.

Next up we go to the opposite end of the spectrum, enterprise NVMe drives. OCZ has two versions of the same drive here the Z-Drive 6000 and 6300 series. 6000 is a 2.5″ form factor dual-port SFF-8639 connection drive sporting NVMe 1.1b compatible 4x PCIe3 lanes. The 6300 is the same device but in PCIe card form factor. It looks like this.

OCZ Z-Drive 6300 NVMe SSD

Shiny heatsink and probably stuff under it

Under the hood there is the latest gen Toshiba flash said to be good for 2900MBps reads and 700K IOPS, a decent enough speed but with a little room to grow on the bus side. It is hot-pluggable, has internal RAID so you can guess the internal configuration, and has power down protection. The 6000 is available now, the 6300 form factor is still in testing. When they come out there will be 800GB, 1.6TB, and 3.2TB version, plus the ability to set 25, 20, or 15W power caps. Price on the 6×00 and Trion 100 lines vary enough with flash prices to cause us to say check it for yourself if you want to buy.S|A

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