ARM outs code names and can finally say Artemis

Techcon 2015: Almost made the 2-year mark this time

ARM logoARM is outing a whole host of CPU, GPU, and display code names and finally saying Artemis. This new policy of officially revealing future names is a welcome change from ARM, it gets us all talking again.

You might recall Artemis, SemiAccurate exclusively brought you news of it in early 2014. Back then we nailed the fact that it was a successor to the A12 but missed out on the date which we said was Q1 or Q2 of 2015. It is 64-bit like we said and it still may be called A55 but, well, who knows with the current marketing name pseudo-RNG, and yes we mean A35. Still for being two years ahead of the game it wasn’t all that far off.

ARM Techcon 2015 roadmap

The near future looks like this

Artemis was far from the only new ARM code name revealed in the Techcon 2015 keynote, there were three others, two if you don’t count Mimir. As we pointed out earlier Mimir is a coherent GPU and the successor to the Mali-T8xx series. To pair with this new GPU we have a new video encode/decode block called Egil and a new display engine called Gemini.

Although it wasn’t publicly revealed at Techcon, we can tell you the names of the next ARM IP blocks, the interconnect, memory controller, DSP, coherent interface, sound block, face detection unit, and ethernet controller. Those would be Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, Dopey, and Doc. Long way to go for a bad joke, eh?S|A

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