Anyone want to buy a high performance ARM server SoC?

Buyer motivated to sell, silicon back, performance good, with team

SemiAccurate logoAnyone want to buy a nearly complete ARM server SoC with all the trimmings? SemiAccurate is hearing there is a top notch one, complete with developers, on the block for an attractive price.

Before we get into the details there are quite a lot of rumors about this project and over the past week or so we have chased them all down. Let us shoot a few of these questionable data points down before we get into the details. First this chip is big and high performance, the numbers we have heard are pretty eye-opening for both single threaded and per-socket performance. Also the project is not in trouble despite the persistent rumors that it is, SemiAccurate has talked to multiple people who have systems based on first silicon and the broken rumors are pretty much non-issues in our eyes.

On the down side we can say that the SoC has two things going against it. First is that it’s success is said to have brought down some pressure from it’s competitors. Normally this is a good thing but because of the second point, some say it influenced the decision to flog off the program. Why? Because an ARM server program no longer fits the business model of the developer so pressure from a third party could actually have an influence. Regardless the chip works, the program is ongoing, and, well, it is a messy situation.

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