SemiAccurate digs out Intel’s 10nm process problems

Note the plural

Intel - logoWhat is the problem with Intel’s 10nm process, or problems as the case may be? SemiAccurate has finally gotten a clue about the basis for these woes.

You might recall we told you about a potential mystery problem that started out with Intel’s Broadwell GPUs, specifically the mystery clock drop. Intel denied it loudly in public but engineers and customers confirmed to SemiAccurate that the problem was quite real. When Skylake didn’t fix the issue, Intel’s last excuses and deflections were put to rest. Something was fundamentally wrong with their process tech.

Then came 10nm with its dual problems, something that lead to a major Intel Foundry customer politely declining to continue on. Strangely there was no announcement of this parting of the ways, just like the last few. When SemiAccurate started to dig into why this partner left, several Californian semiconductor engineers gave us the answer to a 3+ year old puzzle.

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