More details about AMD’s Rome CPU leak

Memory, sockets, and interfaces aplenty

AMD Epyc logoRemember when SemiAccurate told you about the arrangement of AMD’s Rome? Now we have more exclusive news about that CPU and it is better than we originally thought.

In our initial reveal we said there were 9 die or more specifically 8+1 dies with 8x 8-core CCXs and one IOX. What we didn’t know at the time is the arrangement of the cores, interconnects, memory, and socket minutia. We said we were making an educated guess about the arrangement and guessed wrong. That said the end result is Rome is a much better CPU than SemiAccurate thought it would be. It also goes a long way toward explaining the performance domination AMD will have over Intel on the server front starting in about two quarters.

Lets take a look at what we know now, and a little bit of speculation about the history of Rome (Yes we had to work that one in, don’t tell me you wouldn’t have too) and what it means.

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