CXL leaks its private membership listing

Notified weeks ago but no reply or fix

Compute Express Link CXL LogoCXL has a problem with their web site that exposes the private member list. SemiAccurate notified them about it about a month ago and nothing was acknowledged or fixed.

Update Oct. 15, 2019 @ 3:10pm: Got in touch with CXL. There is no public or private membership list. The list on the main page is companies that have supplied CXL with a logo, the others listed below are all public members as well. A few companies signed up with subsidiaries or parent companies but are included as the other which is within the CXL rules. Also the note to CXL was removed now that we have contacted them for the above clarification.

This public accessibility of their private membership list is not a security issue but it is embarrassing. On the CXL website you can find a public list of their members. On the undisclosed private list there are 23 additions including the some of the biggest names in tech that are not already on the public list. Most interesting is that there is one removal from the private list that is still on the public list, Huawei, likely due to the self-destructive sanctions against them.

Here is the list:

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Disclosures: Charlie Demerjian and Stone Arch Networking Services, Inc. have no consulting relationships, investment relationships, or hold any investment positions with any of the companies mentioned in this report.

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