Large layoffs at Intel happening now

Unfortunately just as SemiAccurate predicted in November

Intel LogoLooks like the layoffs at Intel that SemiAccurate said would happen began today. Worse yet the layoffs were at DCG/DPG as predicted but other areas not expected to get cut were hit as well.

You might recall last November SemiAccurate exclusively brought you news that Intel was going to reorg, let key people go, and lay off 25-33% of DCG in Q1/2020. A few days later we brought you more exclusive news that DCG was now called DPG and several key people were retiring, and a few got promoted. That is two of the three key points confirmed in less than a week. It took about a month for Intel to post something about the reorg, which we again exclusively brought you, but they still haven’t officially admitted to it. We can’t explain this last bit.

That left the massive cuts to DCG/DPG that the company didn’t actually deny. Their statement to us was, “Reports of large employee reductions in our data platform business group are inaccurate.Remember kids, tense matters. SemiAccurate took that statement of confirmation of the third point but we didn’t want to say that until it happened which brings us to today’s events.

First we want to wish all those laid off a speedy search for a new home. Based on the number of our sources talking to you or your colleagues, it doesn’t look like it will be a long slog to find a job this time. That said this is not a good thing for anyone. We previously said that 25-33% of DCG would be laid off, and that appears to still be happening but not all of it is happening today.

Unfortunately for those involved there is more to this story, and it isn’t just limited to DCG any more, something we said may happen in our initial article. Now we can add a bit of color to the news and add a few more groups to the list.

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