When will Sapphire Rapids launch?

Exact dates finally set

Intel LogoSo when is Intel going to launch their Sapphire Rapids server CPU? SemiAccurate told you about the latest update to the timetable in December, now we can be much more specific.

During the last update, we said, “The short version is that Intel’s Sapphire Rapids is delayed by 2-3 months, lets call it a full quarter. You might recall the last time we told you about the schedule, in great detail here, things were set for public launch in early Q3.”

It doesn’t take much math to figure out that this means September or October 2022. We also told you why the delays were happening in that earlier article, and the changes made to the SKU stack for PR purposes. Now we can tell you the exact date of the Sapphire Rapids launch and without trying to pat ourselves on the back too hard, we nailed it. That date is….

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