When can we expect to see Sapphire Rapids?

Exactly what you would expect actually

Intel LogoSo when can we expect Sapphire Rapids to ship after the newest delay? Some SemiAccurate moles are getting a new range from Intel but nothing as hard as the pre-delay dates.

A few weeks ago, SemiAccurate exclusively revealed the official Sapphire Rapids launch date. That date was not an on sale date, more of the official party and outing but the CSP set would get their product around that time. OEMs and others would get XCC CPUs a couple of months later, MCC chips moved into 2023, and HBM was relegated to TBD.

A little later Intel had a little whoopsie which took all those finely laid plans, in writing and on the official roadmaps mind you, and threw them in the blender. That said knowing what we know, Intel is doing the absolute right things here, short term pain and bruises from the financial set for long term gain. SemiAccurate may not be happy about the delay but we would do the same thing in their shoes. Speculation about the release stepping aside, when is Sapphire Rapids due now?

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