Microsoft adopts Mantle but calls it DX12

GDC 2014: Completely different because it is not called Mantle, just ask MS PR

Xbox One Logo 87x27 Microsoft adopts Mantle but calls it DX12Just as SemiAccurate predicted months ago, Microsoft has adopted AMD’s Mantle but are now calling it DX12. The way they did it manages to pull stupidity from the jaws of defeat by breaking compatibility in the name of lock-in.

The impetus for all of this mess is the dire situation the XBox One is in. You might recall that it is woefully underpowered compared to the Sony PS4, has roughly 50% less shader performance, far lower memory bandwidth, significantly harder to program for, and tools described by many several as “a mess”. Sony suffers from none of this and is hammering Microsoft in the sales race, to the point where many are openly wondering if the XBox One has failed.


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