SiS Does Android smart TV on a Single Chip

Wants to enable your existing TV as well

Remember the good old days when SiS (TPE:2363) was designing competing chipsets for various x86-platforms and were involved in all sorts of litigation? Well, those days are gone and now SiS puts all of the effort into projects like smart TV.

SiS681 smart TV platform is a brand new platform that is based on a single chip with an integrated MIPS processor that runs at 567 MHz. The processor contains a 32 KB instruction cache and a 16 KB data cache. The chip is, according to SiS, the first single chip solution for Android smart TV.

The chip includes most of the functionality you would need to implement the Android smart TV platform and SiS already has had several design wins from Chinese TV manufacturers.  These include TCL 42” TV, Sunnic 42” TV, Cyberview 42”TV, and 21” multi-function monitors from Taitung and TPV.

SiS681 platform provides powerful internet functions with embedded browser, LAN or WIFI internet support and Adobe Flash 10.1 Player.

If you want to enable an existing TV then SiS also has a solution for that. The SiS9511 media box solution does much the same as the SiS681 with the exception that it is destined to go in to a set top box rather than a brand new TV. Should be interesting to see these on the market.S|A

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