Tablet sales disappoint

But PC business remains healthy…

We have already received the first indications that tablet sales are not as strong as expected.  The first sign came earlier this week when Japanese DRAM manufacturer Elpida (TYO:6665) decided to again starting producing standard DDR3 in-house.

Elpida announced just a few months ago that it would concentrate on mobile memory and outsource standard DRAM to its partners.  Now Elpida has spare capacity because of disappointing tablet sales and is therefore moving standard DRAM production back to its Hiroshima plant in Japan.

The second sign of weakness came yesterday when we visited Ingenic that specializes in MIPS processors here in China. Ingenic is moving towards smartphones and indicated that tablets were not as hot in China, as had been expected.

But luckily both the PC market and the smartphone market remain very healthy.S|A

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