HP: The train wreck continues

The board of directors is leaking like a sieve…

If you think that the train wreck had already been dealt with effectively, then you are sorely mistaken.

Remember how HP (NYSE:HPQ) published their latest quarterly result? Well, they didn’t. The result was leaked by one of the board members along with the news that the PC business would be sold. Or spun off. Or separated. Or maybe not.

Now a board member has leaked that the board is discussing replacing CEO Leo Apotheker, who has only been on board for 11 months.  And what an 11 months. Not one of those months has HP reached its financial goals.

Lots of turmoil after the cancellation of the TouchPad. Or the resurrection of the TouchPad that HP now sells at a huge loss.

And then there is the PC business. Nobody knows exactly what is going to happen. HP quite frankly looks like a bunch of amateurs trying to run a company that used to have a decent reputation.

One thing is divesting itself of the PC business, but it would be nice if they had had a plan before they made the announcement. And what will happen to the printer business? Many printers are sold as an add on to a computer.

Getting rid of the PC business may unintentionally hurt the imaging division.

New CEO? Again, nobody knows. Maybe Meg Whitman as an interim CEO, but for the long run it is still uncertain.

How sad to see a great company being derailed by totally incompetent management and what is beginning to look like board infighting.S|A

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