Crucial suppresses LED flashes for gamers

IDF 2011: Servers and Gamers do mix well

Crucial reliance badgeCrucial had a new look to show off at IDF, and some high end memory to go with it too. One stop shopping for server, gamer, and high density laptop memory.


Suppressed LEDs on top

First up is the new look prototype of Crucial’s Ballistix Tactical Tracer gamer memory. As you can see, it looks nothing like the old ones, and is actually pretty spiffy. The oval pattern on top is oriented differently on both sides, leading to nice light patterns. The top has LEDs on the PCB, leading to glowing holes. That may sound bad in an ‘it itches’ kind of way, but since the design was modeled after a flash suppressor, it is apropos.


LRDimm – yet another acronym

Next up is another prototype, this one is an LRDIMM based server memory stick. LRDIMMs basically put a memory buffer on board, adding a cycle of latency but allowing much higher densities to be crammed on to a PCB. You can read about it here if you want more. While Crucial wasn’t saying exactly what IMB they were using, there is only one vendor, Inphi, shipping them, so…..

Last up are a few boundary pushing parts. Crucial is claiming to have two firsts at IDF, a 1600MHz JEDEC certified DDR3 DIMM and an 8GB SO-DIMM. The 1600MHz version is important because it is not 1333 overclocked, it is certified at the rated speed. If there were two higher end CPUs coming out that can take advantage of that speed, it would probably be much more relevant. Oh wait, there are. :) The shipping 8GB laptop parts are pretty self-evident, two of these would make a laptop fly.S|A

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