Intel to do away with DRAM in PCs

No we are not joking, it works now

Intel - logoSemiaccurate has learned that Intel intends to do away with DIMMs, DRAM, and any other sort of user accessible memory. We do realize the implications of this move, but it is going to happen sooner than people expect.

The functions needed to completely do away with user memory are in place and functioning as of Sandy Bridge-E/EP. How do we know that they work? Intel has a demo unit running around showing various high level folk what can be done, and has been literally pushing this cart around for 6+ months.

Taking DRAM out of the PC build list is a massive step, but as with most integration moves, it is quite inevitable. Haswell will show people what can be done with Interposers, Crystalwell is going to be a wake up call for DRAM vendors, RAM-free PCs will seal the deal. When Intel productizes this feature, and it is in current chips, you can all but kiss main memory goodbye. SemiAccurate knows how it will be done, and, well, it is simply a good idea. Unless you are running Windows and have a serious love for a particular shade of blue……S|A

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