AMD’s HD8000 might not make Q1

Sea Islands gets pushed out a little for non-technical reasons

AMD - logoTime for a small GPU update early in the new year, this time AMD, specifically Sea Islands, is the subject. The word reaching SemiAccurate HQ this time is about a slight delay to the release of this new line of GPUs.

Last time we looked at CI, the first island of this new archipelago was slated for a March 2013 release. Word is now coming out that this date won’t be hit, but not for the usual technical reasons. This time, there is no technical problem, no process problem, and nothing untoward to moan about, at least as far as making the presumptive HD8000 line is concerned. That said, once again AMD appears to be delaying a product line due to inventory levels.

You might recall that the release of Trinity was delayed for over a quarter to sell off Llano inventory. This was done so that not only AMD, but also their partners would not have to eat lots of unsold inventory that was suddenly devalued by the new line of chips. Good move so far, but AMD’s messaging, or lack thereof, took a good idea and turned it in to a self-inflicted wound by stonewalling any external messaging about the situation.

This time AMD is once again is delaying a new line, the HD8000/CI GPUs, to sell off the current stock of HD7000 inventory, or so we hear. Lets hope this time that the messaging is a bit clearer, the company can’t afford too many more footgun incidents, they ran out of feet in late 2011. In any case the delays shouldn’t be that long, and at least this time they have someone to point their finger at.S|A

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