Analysis: The professional GPU market undergoes a massive shift

Marketshare moves larger and faster than ever before

Apple Inc.The professional GPU market is going to undergo a radical shift over the next few quarters, who wins, who loses, and why? The answer may surprise you until you look at the reasons SemiAccurate found for this shift and why it happened.

An indicator of this fundamental market shift is a simple supplier change that SemiAccurate first wrote about in December, Nvidia lost the Apple MacPro design to AMD’s Firepro line. Most observers brushed this off as a low-volume win even if they were high margin parts involved. In fact most analysts don’t even consider the MacPro to be a workstation. After weeks of digging in to this matter, SemiAccurate has gotten a few more details about why Nvidia lost Apple, and more importantly what this change means.

Note: The following is analysis for professional level subscribers only.

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